Heed Your Own Advice, Boomers!

We would sit down after school to relax and unwind in front of the Television.  Half-way into the plot you come in and say, “What are you watching now?  Get up and do something, blah blah blah.”  If you really think we weren’t doing anything for the 8 hours you got rid of us in government school, maybe you should have sent us elsewhere.  Then in church the pastor hounds us some more, “Try giving up TV for a week, blah blah.”  Why are half his “sermon” anecdotes relating to a show he watched while stuffing oreos?


But now the truth comes out.  You were the one watching trash while we slept.  You were the ones laughing at the immoral jokes and caring about what the adulterer did next.  Worse yet, you are the ones believing every word the lying, truth-hating “reporters” tell you about my country and about a liberty-loving man named Ron Paul.  This is why the boob-toob watching statistics line up with the voting ages.  HEED YOUR OWN ADVICE, BOOMERS!

This younger generation is fed up with all the wars and the government telling us what to put in our bodies.  We’re sick of you stealing from our paychecks because you were the ones stupid enough to trust the government with your money.  Maybe your vote fraud will work for now, but we have one thing that you don’t – TIME.  If we have to wait for you to eat yourselves to death we will.  While you’re sitting in front of the TV, we’re researching GMOs online.  While you’re absorbing all the drug commercials, we’re at the local market buying grass-fed beef.  Swallow all those pills the doctors said were necessary; we aren’t, and we are taking over next!  USA LIBRE!