The Solution

(Take with a grain of sarcasm.)

Since 1913, this country has taxed work. “Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work.” And then thou shalt be taxed on this work. Hence, we cannot follow God’s design for our lives without paying the government to do so. If we look at the alternative to labor, idleness, we see no such tax. Everyone is allowed to be idle seven days a week without accruing any such monetary penalty. This is one reason why Americans are so lazy. Why work when it is the government and the private Federal Reserve that shall profit? Why work when idleness is rewarded by welfare checks?

“But the taxes keep us safe, and build our roads, and educate us,” you will say. Were there not roads before 1913? Were there no wars? Was no one educated enough to invent light bulbs, airplanes, cars, trains and telephones?  Yet these were all accomplished before the tax on work.  Then question where this money, your hard-earned money goes, and you will see that it goes to kill babies, brown people, and teach children how to kill themselves (for they are nothing but an invasive monkey descendant), and it is enough to make a God-fearing man sick, and to contemplate following the prophets to prison come April.

But I digress: on to the solution.  Why cannot we tax idleness?  Today many are angry at those who have more fancy paper than themselves.  They want the “one percent” to pay more and more and more taxes.  They think this will be accomplished with the income tax, but little do they know, these one percent do little if no work at all.  They are wealthy enough to be idle.  Ironically, the protesters are also steeped in idleness, giving them time to protest.  But if the threat of an IRS was at the  door, the wealthy and protesting alike would find work for their hands to do.  The college graduate on the street would decide he is not overly qualified to make tortillas or clean toilets, and the billionaire would set out to run another business and hire more employees.  Or he would simply pay more taxes, which is what the 99% want.

It all comes down to this question- What do we want to punish and reward in this country?  Should we punish someone for working with his hands?  Or should we punish those who are idle, who do not turn a natural resource into a product useful to his neighbor, who do not till the land for their own sustenance, but coerce their neighbor to do it for them, while they sit on their couch?

Delayed Cord Clamping

This is one of the amazing things people who homebirth “get” to experience.  I say “get” because what I really want to say is that it is one of the normal birthing experiences hospital-birthers don’t get to have.


There has also been a new study showing delayed cord clamping increases blood iron levels in babies.

So what’s the rush?

Understanding the DOW:Gold Ratio

It’s important for those who look at the price of Gold and Silver to realize that it’s not the value of the metal that changes, but the value of what the metal is being bought with that fluctuates.  Anything of value can be traded for precious metals but they are most widely tracked against paper assets around the world.  When the federal reserve note is measured against gold we see that it is currently acceptable to receive one troy ounce for a trade of over one thousand seven hundred federal reserve notes.  When the euro is measured against gold it takes over one thousand three hundred to give in exchange for one troy ounce.

The D.J.I.A. can also be tracked vs. precious metals.  The following video is a couple years old and shows its age when quoting metals prices but the principle is still the same.