Hospitals are Businesses too

Imagine having car problems while out of town.  The nearest repair-shop is a quaint little place, nicely kept, and the mechanic is friendly and knowledgeable.  In a hour, he has fixed your original complaint, but now he is telling you that there is more wrong with your car.  The transmission fluid needs changing, your brake discs are warped, and you are leaking anti-freeze. He wants to keep it overnight and charge you 4-figures tomorrow morning.  For most of us, this would set off alarms.  Do I really need all those things?  Can I trust him, or is he just trying to siphon cash out of me?  This is a normal distrust of a stranger, a stranger whose primary intentions are making money and not necessarily to keep your car in perfect working order.

Yet, walk into a hospital, and all those good instincts fly out the window.  The doctor said I need it, I must definitely need this drug or surgery.  He couldn’t possibly have profits on the mind instead of my well-being.  But he is a businessman too, along with the hospital, and the drug companies.

Stop and think about what first pops into your mind when an acquaintance tells you they are a doctor.  They must be rich! is likely to be first, followed by They must be smart!  Yet when you walk into the doctor’s office, immediately the thought becomes, They have my well-being at heart!

So why the dichotomy?  Why is it so hard for people to see all the advertisements for drugs and hospitals, and realize it’s about making money, not keeping you healthy?  When the doctor pushes a drug on you, do you not realize a drug company pays him to do it?  When he says you need a surgery, his bank account may benefit more than your body.  Look for alternatives.  Use your own God-given brain; it might just be smarter than the “good” doctor’s.

Blanket or Sheet?

While putting my tantrum-throwing 2 year old in bed for a nap, I used a common strategy employed by the American political system. In a calm voice I asked her, “Would you like a blanket or a sheet?” When she replied that she would like a blanket, her fight was over.

Thus it is with sleeping Americans today. Democrat or Republican? we are asked, though both sides are ballooning the government just the same. If anyone puts up a fight we are told to choose the lesser of two evils, never stopping to admit that this is still choosing to side with evil.


Heed Your Own Advice, Boomers!

We would sit down after school to relax and unwind in front of the Television.  Half-way into the plot you come in and say, “What are you watching now?  Get up and do something, blah blah blah.”  If you really think we weren’t doing anything for the 8 hours you got rid of us in government school, maybe you should have sent us elsewhere.  Then in church the pastor hounds us some more, “Try giving up TV for a week, blah blah.”  Why are half his “sermon” anecdotes relating to a show he watched while stuffing oreos?


But now the truth comes out.  You were the one watching trash while we slept.  You were the ones laughing at the immoral jokes and caring about what the adulterer did next.  Worse yet, you are the ones believing every word the lying, truth-hating “reporters” tell you about my country and about a liberty-loving man named Ron Paul.  This is why the boob-toob watching statistics line up with the voting ages.  HEED YOUR OWN ADVICE, BOOMERS!

This younger generation is fed up with all the wars and the government telling us what to put in our bodies.  We’re sick of you stealing from our paychecks because you were the ones stupid enough to trust the government with your money.  Maybe your vote fraud will work for now, but we have one thing that you don’t – TIME.  If we have to wait for you to eat yourselves to death we will.  While you’re sitting in front of the TV, we’re researching GMOs online.  While you’re absorbing all the drug commercials, we’re at the local market buying grass-fed beef.  Swallow all those pills the doctors said were necessary; we aren’t, and we are taking over next!  USA LIBRE!


The Deceitfulness of Riches

David and I were musing over a nice anniversary dinner when I remembered a seemingly small event that, in retrospect, may have transformed our lives for the better. After about a year of being married, we decided to get cable. We had not gotten it earlier on the advice of a marriage book. But as we stood waiting at the cable kiosk in the busy Plaza Las Americas mall, no one showed up. Perhaps he was at lunch or flirting with a girl or got distracted by a nearby shoe sale. Whatever the case, after ten or fifteen minutes we gave up and left.

Seven years of commercial, TV-free-life later, we realize it may have been Providence. Everywhere we look people are greedy for more things, and dissatisfied with their own looks, possessions, and lives. And how could they not be? They spend hours looking at gadgets they don’t have, people who are skinnier and more beautiful than them, who live in perfectly clean, gigantic houses, and laugh all day long. How can one not be depressed and envious after bombarding the mind with that?

Everyone knows the rich people aren’t happy. Countless times they blot themselves out of this world as a result. Yet the poor masses sit back and think, “What a waste. I would surely be happy with all those riches.” And therein lies the deceit. Don’t believe it. You will not be the first person in history to be made happy by riches.

Mark 4:18-19
And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word,
And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.

Mathew 19:24
And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

The Solution

(Take with a grain of sarcasm.)

Since 1913, this country has taxed work. “Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work.” And then thou shalt be taxed on this work. Hence, we cannot follow God’s design for our lives without paying the government to do so. If we look at the alternative to labor, idleness, we see no such tax. Everyone is allowed to be idle seven days a week without accruing any such monetary penalty. This is one reason why Americans are so lazy. Why work when it is the government and the private Federal Reserve that shall profit? Why work when idleness is rewarded by welfare checks?

“But the taxes keep us safe, and build our roads, and educate us,” you will say. Were there not roads before 1913? Were there no wars? Was no one educated enough to invent light bulbs, airplanes, cars, trains and telephones?  Yet these were all accomplished before the tax on work.  Then question where this money, your hard-earned money goes, and you will see that it goes to kill babies, brown people, and teach children how to kill themselves (for they are nothing but an invasive monkey descendant), and it is enough to make a God-fearing man sick, and to contemplate following the prophets to prison come April.

But I digress: on to the solution.  Why cannot we tax idleness?  Today many are angry at those who have more fancy paper than themselves.  They want the “one percent” to pay more and more and more taxes.  They think this will be accomplished with the income tax, but little do they know, these one percent do little if no work at all.  They are wealthy enough to be idle.  Ironically, the protesters are also steeped in idleness, giving them time to protest.  But if the threat of an IRS was at the  door, the wealthy and protesting alike would find work for their hands to do.  The college graduate on the street would decide he is not overly qualified to make tortillas or clean toilets, and the billionaire would set out to run another business and hire more employees.  Or he would simply pay more taxes, which is what the 99% want.

It all comes down to this question- What do we want to punish and reward in this country?  Should we punish someone for working with his hands?  Or should we punish those who are idle, who do not turn a natural resource into a product useful to his neighbor, who do not till the land for their own sustenance, but coerce their neighbor to do it for them, while they sit on their couch?

Delayed Cord Clamping

This is one of the amazing things people who homebirth “get” to experience.  I say “get” because what I really want to say is that it is one of the normal birthing experiences hospital-birthers don’t get to have.


There has also been a new study showing delayed cord clamping increases blood iron levels in babies.

So what’s the rush?